When Taking Care of a parent, how can I fit exercise into my schedule?

One of the questions I received was When taking care of a parent, how can I fit exercise into my schedule? Here is my answer. The 21st century is supposed to be easy due to all the fancy gadgets at our fingertips. We have apps to help with portion control and keeping us fit. Some […]

How Exercise Promotes Full Body Balance

Exercise does more than just keep you slim and toned. It helps boosts your mood, improves your sex life and promotes balance throughout the body. It helps build your core strength which improves stability, flexibility and balance. Exercise can make you feel better, look better and even live longer. Here are some ways in which […]

Get Moving

Hey, Don’t just sit there. Get moving. Exercise ,weight training, stretching, yoga and walk. The idea is to ‘Get Moving’. But, first consult with your doctor and when she or he gives you the green light. Get off that couch and move.     And I don’t mean move the couch to the other side […]

What is stopping You from Exercising

Hello Is it the weather or you cannot find someone to join you. Perhaps, you are waiting on your income tax, so you can buy your first treadmil. Maybe you don’t like the sound of the word. What is your reason for not exercising? Do you think you are too old. Or are you afraid […]