Can I Exercise Sitting Down?

A one-hour presentation on how to incorporate simple exercises that you can do at your desk or from your favorite chair. Got 10 minutes in your day to devote to exercise? Let Renee show you how to get results you want while sitting down! Materials included with the session: Books & Exercise Bands.

Stress Down and Lift Up

Tired of being stressed-out from anxiety brought on by the demands of family, friends and your boss? Learn how to reduce stress and detox from daily pressures while lifting your spirits to a better you! Materials included with the session: Books & Affirmation Cards.

Eating Healthy and Eating Holistically

A one-hour lecture examining how to become more energized from the foods we eat.


A 90-minute lecture on how to take care of yourself and improve your quality of living through massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. Session includes hands-on demonstrations and provided materials

Exercises for the Renal Patient

An hour-long lecture on developing an exercise program that will strengthen and build endurance for the renal patient.


A 90-minute lecture/demonstration on the art of reflexology. Participants will perform reflexology on their feet.

Nutrition is Fun-da-mental

A fun, 90-minute lecture incorporating the use of games that teach participants the basics of eating healthy.

Shopping Tours

A two-hour tour on how to properly read food labels. This tour is a personal shopping experience that is generally conducted at a local grocer.

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