Being Fabulously Fit4God Challenge
Lifestyle Challenge! We are going to teach YOU how to build your Temple by eating and exercising and living stress-free through God’s Word. The Being Fabulously Fit and Well 4 God Lifestyle Challenge will teach you:

  • How to properly lose weight
  • How to eat balanced meals
  • How to get active
  • How to increase your stamina
  • How to gain energy
  • How to decrease your risk for Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes
  • How to build your templeFor the next month, you will receive:
  • nutrition and exercise tips
  • meal plans
  • and more…

The Act of Spiritual Journaling
Spiritual journaling is a tool to help transform you. This 7-day course on spiritual journaling will increase your awareness of yourself and of God. Spiritual journaling can also improve your health.How? Spiritual journaling helps you to:

  • connect with God.
  • release your inner thoughts.
  • release the bonds and shackles that hold you back.
  • increase awareness of why you are here.
  • increase awareness of how you can help others.
  • improve your health of body, mind, and soul.
  • release tension and anxiety.
  • improve self-esteem and confidence.

Stress Release Challenge
re you Stressed to the Max? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you eating late at night because you cannot go to sleep ? Then invest in the 7-Day Stress Release Program. Let Stress Relief Coach Renee help you to develop a stress-free life.

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