What is stopping You from Exercising


Is it the weather or you cannot find someone to join you. Perhaps, you are waiting on your income tax, so you can buy your first treadmil. Maybe you don’t like the sound of the word.

What is your reason for not exercising?

Do you think you are too old. Or are you afraid to use the equipment? The gyms have personal trainers to assist you.

Does exercising make you tired?

Drink sips of water during exercise and you have the power drinks to boost your energy. Start with the easy exercises first before diving into the hard core exercise. Eat something light before you exercise such as yogurt, nuts., 1/2 bagel with 1-tsp of butter, or cream cheese or peanut butter for a quick start.

Are you  too busy to exercise?
You can exercise 10 minutes in the morning, at noon and after dinner. Those 10 minutes adds up to 30 minutes. see you still can fit exercise in your busy schedule.

Just don’t sit there —GET UP AND MOVE



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