Welcome to Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom:
The Act of Spiritual Journaling

During the course of my own journey of reading, listening to, hearing, and following God’s word, I came across many articles on “spiritual journaling.” As a kid I used to write in a diary, but it didn’t last long. Now, as I am older, I find myself wanting to know why I am here and what is my purpose in life.

Writing is a power that can help you to bring out your most inner thoughts, feelings, and expectations. Spiritual writing—spiritual journaling—is the same, except that, in the process, you also discover God and your relationship with God.

In other words, spiritual journaling is a tool to help transform you. This 7-day course on spiritual journaling will increase your awareness of yourself and of God. Spiritual journaling can also improve your health.


How? Spiritual journaling helps you to

  • connect with God.
  • release your inner thoughts.
  • release the bonds and shackles that hold you back.
  • increase awareness of why you are here.
  • increase awareness of how you can help others.
  • improve your health of body, mind, and soul.
  • release tension and anxiety.
  • improve self-esteem and confidence.


For the next seven days, you will receive emails to help you start your spiritual journaling.
During this week, we will explore different ways of spiritual journaling. There is not just one absolute way to write your thoughts about, and experiences with, God.


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Thanks for taking this wellness journey with me toward

Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom!


Renee Wiggins

Certified Breakthrough Coach