Spinach Burgers Made with Chickpeas

I wanted something different for dinner, I have made blackbean burgers, mushroom burgers and sweet potato burgers. Don’t ask me why I wanted to try Spinach Burgers. Well I made them for dinner tonight and they were good. Of course , I added more herbs and spices to the dish than it required. I am […]

What is in Your Trick or Treat Bag?

As a kid, I loved Halloween because it is the one time of the year where I can eat a lot of candy for a week without hearing the word NO!!!!!. But, I am older and I am a Heath and Wellness Coach, so my thoughts are on making ” Healthy Choices” . So, what […]

Have You Heard?

Good Morning? mm I smell Bacon, Stop, Have you heard that the World Health Organization has declared processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs and sausage is hazardous to our health. These foods are carcinogenic which may or may not lead to colon cancer. Even grilling or toasting your food too hard and burnt can […]

When Taking Care of a parent, how can I fit exercise into my schedule?

One of the questions I received was When taking care of a parent, how can I fit exercise into my schedule? Here is my answer. The 21st century is supposed to be easy due to all the fancy gadgets at our fingertips. We have apps to help with portion control and keeping us fit. Some […]