Carol Dunlp :Owner of Optimum Body Sculpting, Fitness and Weight Loss Coach

As a busy wife, mom, grandmom and founder of Optimum Body Sculpting, Carol works with individuals who are tired of trying diet after diet with little to no results and shows them how to take control and lose all the weight they want with her unique fat burning programs. Carol uses her knowledge and experience […]

The Impact of Our Words and Thoughts

Call in :1-712-775-7031 access code is 559126 Renee Wiggins, owner of Results by Renee will interview Patricia Dinkens about Words Have Power, Do you know that negative words and thoughts can influence the way we live in the present and determine our future. Therefore change your negative words to positive words and live the life […]

OIl Pulling? Is it a Craze or the Truth

href=””>How often do you clean your mouth? You will be surprise your mouth has an abundance of germs, Yes, you have seen the commericals, women looking for something in their bags, and put their keys in their mouth. Or the person thinking about something with a pencil in their month. Of pick up a baby […]