Spinach Burgers Made with Chickpeas

I wanted something different for dinner, I have made blackbean burgers, mushroom burgers and sweet potato burgers. Don’t ask me why I wanted to try Spinach Burgers. Well I made them for dinner tonight and they were good. Of course , I added more herbs and spices to the dish than it required. I am […]

Beans Again, Honey you know I have to go to work tomorrow ?

The secret to enjoying beans – without flatulenceIf beans give you flatulence, it’s because they have complex sugars that are hard to break down. But here’s great news… There are three ways to break down these sugars *before* making your bean recipe… 1) Soak beans overnight in a large bowl or pot, then pour off […]

National Walnut Day

In Honor of National Walnut Day, Make the Shift to Plant-Based Eating National Walnut Day, May 17, is upon us once again! This year, consider it your excuse to discuss the benefits of plant-based eating with patients. Consumer awareness is finally starting to catch up with what many health professionals have been saying all along: […]