Free- Stuff The Turkey and Not Yourself Challenge

Begins November 19th,and ends December 31st. Let me help you avoid the holiday weight gain. After all you spent the entire summer working it off and now that the holiday is approachng and your old eating habits returns with a vengence. mmm. download “Stuff The Turkey and Not Yourself and you are automatically enter the […]

Stepping Into Fitness

Walking is good for everyone from  5 to 92 years of age. It is inexpensive and you can walk indoors or outdoors . You can walk at a local mall during bad weather and when the weather is good you can  walk outdoors around a local school track. There is not excuse. And if you are afraid […]

Get Moving

Hey, Don’t just sit there. Get moving. Exercise ,weight training, stretching, yoga and walk. The idea is to ‘Get Moving’. But, first consult with your doctor and when she or he gives you the green light. Get off that couch and move.     And I don’t mean move the couch to the other side […]

Tips for Summer Fitness Made Easy

We’ve taken off our winter coats and jackets and are wearing clothing to accommodate hot weather. Most of us are not going to be comfortable with what we see in our mirrors but we can’t stay covered up and comfortable when the heat strikes. Here are some tips to making summer fitness easy, so that […]

BlogTalk Radio Interviews

Being Fabulously Fit for God’s Kingdom: A 40-Day Journey to Wellness Radio Interviews: click on the words Listen Here: to listen to the interviews. Listen here to Renee speaking with LaTanya’Ha: Listen to the Tamika Hall Show Listen Here to Denise Turney