Beans Again, Honey you know I have to go to work tomorrow ?

The secret to enjoying beans – without flatulenceIf beans give you flatulence, it’s because they have complex sugars that are hard to break down. But here’s great news…

There are three ways to break down these sugars *before* making your bean recipe…

1) Soak beans overnight in a large bowl or pot, then pour off soaking water. Add fresh water and cook as usual. Soaking overnight begins bean germination and promotes enzyme release. The germination process breaks down the complex bean sugars.

2) Several hours before making your recipe, submerge beans in plenty of water and bring them to a boil for two minutes. Next, remove from heat and let the beans soak for 2-6 hours. Then pour off the “soak water” and cook as usual with fresh water.

3) Sprout the beans before cooking them. We detail this approach in Lesson 20 of The Vegan Mastery Program.

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