Rejection is your REdirection

When you are rejection for a promotion, a new job, or house. Look at it as a redirection to something bigger and better. Moses was kick out of Egypt for 40 years but return with a new direction. The lady who was commited for adultery was about to be stone but, Jesus interrupted and sent […]

News Flash

Hello Everyone     Happy Holiday. On Tuesday, November 12th, at 6:30pm,  I will be hosting my first radio show on The format for now is : podcast. You will receive weekly nutrition and fitness tips along with tips on how to reduce your stress and live abundantly.   I hope you can join […]

Stepping Into Fitness

Walking is good for everyone from  5 to 92 years of age. It is inexpensive and you can walk indoors or outdoors . You can walk at a local mall during bad weather and when the weather is good you can  walk outdoors around a local school track. There is not excuse. And if you are afraid […]

Hair, Health and Fitness [Podcast]

Start the New Year Right. Don’t let your hair get in the way of “Not Exercising” There are other styles you can wear without the problem You might call them “Wash and Wear”Styles. Wear a wig. Braid you hair Set your appointment after your heavy work out day. Go Ahead ladies and work out without […]