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Tune in August 12, at 630pm EST to listen to Denise talking about fitness for the Temple
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Denise Marie Beachem is a former business career school instructor. She prepared underpriviledged men, women and welfare mothers for the job market. She’s also taught in various shelters in throughout NYC . Denise is a former New York Model andmodel instructor. She is also a graduate and former instructor of the famed Ophelia DeVore School of Modeling and Charm. Denise also took interior styling and marketing classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology and later became a co-owner of Nia Home Essentials , an interor styling company. Denise is now an ASFA certified Pilates Instructor and owner of Deeva Pilates & Wellness ,which specializes in individual and group body ‘treatment ‘programs designed to clam teh mind while strengthening and healing the body from the inside out. Since starting her business Denise has been a speaker on the AAE Blog Talk Radio show wih Coach Lilisa Williams. Deeve Pilates & Wellness is also a part of the Wellness Team with Coach Carmen of Sharing The Bliss. Denise was featured as guest speaker in the Roc-A- Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Transform Your Life Expo in Harlem where she conducted a fitness and wellness demo.

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  1. Great tips that was share…Awesome interview.Thank you

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