Seeking God Through Journaling-Presentor- Dr. Natalie Francisco Day 4

Dr. Natalie A. Francisco has served as co-pastor of Calvary Community Church and co-founder of Calavary Chrisian Academy in Hampton, Va alongside her husband BishopL. W. Francisco 111. She has also served extensively in full-time ministry for over 26 years in areas of leadership in both the Music and Arts and Christian Education departments of […]

Spiritual Renewal

What is your purpose in Life? Do you face adveristy head on ? Do you find time to laugh? Do you find time to help others? Is learning and growing a part of your life? Do We need to be spiritual and physical fit. Listen to Renee on December 31 at 6:30pm Thanks Renee

What are They Talking About?

What is everyone talking about? Listen to Renee on the “Wellness Journey Show” with host Lynnis Woods-Mullins Thursday at 4pm EST Here is the link to the show I hope you can join me Renee