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You know that I am passionate about supporting you in feeling and being your most happiest, healthiest self.
One of the obstacles we’re continually faced with is that we’re doing more and have more obligations and expectations to juggle, while trying to keep up with everything. Being pulled in so many directions, we often end up with little to no time for ourselves.

Time to relax, connect in with ourselves, cultivate intimacy with our loved ones, and properly care for our bodies in a way that will give us the strength and energy we require to keep up with it all. We feel depleted, stressed out and drained, having lost touch with who we really are and what we really want.
Yet can we really continue going in this direction without it having an impact on our health? Our happiness? The relationships with our loved ones?

This concerns me, so I have been working behind the scenes to create and bring you some valuable resources and solutions so you can take better care of yourself, know your worth, and feel happier and healthier.

It is my privilege to be invited as one of the expert speakers in the upcoming free training series called the Nourishing Soul-utions Telesummit. Loralee Humpherys will be interviewing me and 23 other coaches and mentors in self-care. We will share our stories and insights, offering you Soul-utions to nourish yourself more deeply so that when you look in the mirror, you genuinely love who you see.

The summit begins in a couple weeks on July 6th and will run through July 24. Please join me and the other speakers in this telesummit where we will be exploring Nourishing Soul-utions to support and inspire you to:
• Cultivate deeper love and appreciation for yourself and your body
• Take time out to connect with and nourish yourself
• Improve your relationship with food; adopt more whole foods into your diet to cleanse, rebuild and strengthen
• Unravel the loops of doubt, negative self talk and emotional eating
• Understand how your own self nourishing impacts every other relationship in your life.
• Discover, embrace and express your innate feminine essence
• Have the courage to embark on your Heroine’s Journey of self growth and transformation
• Better understand what has such an impact on your feeling of self worth – the dynamics with your relationships with men
• What men really want in relationship with you, so that your experience with them is more supportive and nourishing
Click here to register for this very educational and conversational speaker series!
May you experience peace with yourself, your food and your body, so that you have the health and energy to live a life you love, with relationships that nourish and support you!

Renee Wiggins

P.S. If there’s something you want yet don’t currently have, you owe it to yourself to register for the Telesummit here and receive massive amounts of Nourishing Soul-utions!
Sometimes, all it takes is just one conversation, one answer that changes everything!

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