The Salad Challenge

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As a young girl, I remember my father saying, eat your vegetables. In our house we always had vegetables at diner especially two. Dad believed in eating two vegetables per meal.

One day, mom cooked dinner and dad and I notice we only had mixed vegetables peas and carrots. Believe it or not, my father got up from the table and went into the kitchen to cook another vegetable. We were used to eating two vegetables at our meals.

Now, that I am older, and a Registered Dietitian, , I am surprise on how many people do not eat vegetables. What amazes me, those persons that do eat vegetables, will only eat string beans and collard greens.

Most of my friends told me they didn’t have to eat vegetables, as a matter of fact, macaroni and cheese was considered a vegetable to them.

So, I am on a mission this week with a fellow nutrition student is to encourage you and others to eat more fruits and vegetables .

Every day this week, I will post a salad recipe on Building Their Temple facebook page. I uploaded the grocery shopping list, so you can get the items ahead of time and there will be no excuse in I did’t have the food tiems.

Please join, so we can share stories and recipes and enjoy a few laughs. We welcome your salad dressings and veggies.

Please join us in The Building Their Temple faceook group.

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