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The Healthy Sistahs Rock -Motivational Mix coming Fall 2014


On August 26, 2014 listen to Tangie Henry discuss Healthy Living and her fall project Listen Here

Gifted to inspire, Tangie Henry has spend years encouraging others to rise above their circumstances and soar to new heights. As a Registered Nurse, Certified Life Coach and Certified Personal Trainer ,Tangie has an opportunity to ‘minister’ to all types of women at times of great vulnerability. She has a heart for women wo are broken and bruised and those challenged by life’s obstacles.

The Healthy Sistahs Rock-Motivational Mix coming Fall 2014- The Healthy Sistahs Rock-Motivational Mix is a compilation of songs and inspirational words designed to keep you inspired to live victoriously in your emotional , spiritual &physical health. Using smooth vocals, no-nonsense candor and hot beats, the Healthy Sistahs Rock Motivational Mix is sure to keep you motivated to live your best life NOW!

Listen Here

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