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Registered Dietitian Day

What is a Registered Dietitian?nutritionist

He or she who writes menu, designs meal plans for persons with chronic illnesses as well as the healthy person. They are known as the food and nutrition expert,, who translates the science of nutrition into practial tips and solutions for YOU.

In addition, they promote a healthy lifestyle for groups or indviduals. Registered Dietitians are highly trained ,starting with a bachelor’s degree( some have a more advance certifcation such as Master’s or Doctoral degree). And then a completion of a supervise practice program after studying for 4 years. And the passing of a board test is required to get the initals RD. by their name.

Why should you consult with a Dietitian?

1. If you have diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, a RD is trained to handle your eating plan.

2. Thinking of have a gastric -by pass or sleeve operation, a RD is trained in prescibing and customizing your meals.

3. Thinking of getting pregnant, A RD will help you and your baby get the proper nutrients to prevent complications.

4. Do you need help to gain or lose weight, a RD. will plan a low-calorie eating plan with the proper calories and nutrients.
5. If you play sports, a RD will help you improve your performance.

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