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Reducing Stress and Finding Joy in Your Life


Angela Harris, MPC Angela received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavior and Social Science. She also holds a Masters of Arts degree, cum laude in Women’s Studies /Chrisitan Counseling . Angela successfully worked in the medical field for over ten years, gaining a great deal of experience on the clinical side to many illnesses and treatments.
Angela has a heart for devising and implementing mentoring programs to inspire, motivate and boost self-estee in girls.

Roger LaidigAuthor of Finding Purpose and Joy. It’s A Journey
Roger is a native of northen Indiana. After being raised on a farm, he graduated from Prudue University in West Lafayette, IN, With a BS in Agricultural Engineering and received his MSBA Indiana University in south Bend.

a href=””>Roger Laidig

On a personal level. he is a committed follower of Christ, and say’ his personal conviction is that ‘every person is worth understanding. ‘ His desire is to create trust by interacting , listening, and then shareing lessons that life has taugh him by meeting regularly with individuals and groups of men.

Him and his wife Susan, have 2 grown sons, 2 daughters-in-laws and 4 terrfic grandchildren.

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