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OIl Pulling? Is it a Craze or the Truth

href=””>brushing teethHow often do you clean your mouth?

You will be surprise your mouth has an abundance of germs, Yes, you have seen the commericals, women looking for something in their bags, and put their keys in their mouth. Or the person thinking about something with a pencil in their month.

Of pick up a baby pacifier and then mom put the pacifer in her mouth to clean.

Do you really think you are cleaning the pacifer. NO way!!!!

As a matter of fact, you have now added more germs to your mouth and the baby’s pacifier.

How often in a day do you brush and floss your teeth.? Very little. It is important to clean the mouth everyday and as much as three times a day brushing and flossing to get the areas that the tooth brush doesn’t clean.

There are hundred of tooth pastes and mouth washes to help keep your mouth clean. But the latest craze or hype is call Oil Pulling.

coconut oilteeth

What is Oil Pulling.

You take 1-2 tablespoons of ( coconut oil, sunflower oil and swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes trying not swallow it. The idea is the oil will put out the bacteria , and germs and toixns . By doing this, your mouth will will feel cleaner and smell better too.

I heard that Oil Pulling help reduce your risk of heart disease, arthitis and other inflammations.

Always check with your doctor before doing this. I started this week and did notice how bright my teeth look. I will continute to use the method and I will let you the end results.

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