Nourishing Soul-utions

Nourishing Soul-utions

A few days ago I told you about an amazing educational event that I have the privilege to be a part of – the Nourishing Soul-utions Telesummit. This is a free online speaker series where we are sharing with you Soul-utions to more deeply love yourself and your body. Soul-utions that nourish you through your food, your relationships, and stepping into your heroine’s Journey of Transformation.

I’m so excited about this because I know through my own personal experience the incredible peace, joy and fulfillment that can come when we take time out to truly nourish and connect with our bodies and ourselves.

That’s why I am sharing the Nourishing Soul-utions Telesummit with you and invite to you participate! Please click here to register for it.

Make sure you tune in for my talk on July—. During this exclusive event where I am interviewed by Loralee Humpherys, I will be sharing Soul-utions I found on my journey of falling down and getting back up again, that have led me to feel more vibrant, alive and healthy. I don’t want you to miss it, because I desire this same success for you!

You’ll discover practices to better understand your body, take time out and connect inward without those seemingly intimidating thoughts and fears overwhelming you. You’ll learn the importance of discovering and expressing your unique radiance of who you really are, and how that uplifts and affects everything… including the way men respond to you.

I invite you to really step into the possibility of waking up in the mornings and saying to yourself, “Wow! I totally love how I look and feel! I am so healthy, strong, energized and beautiful. I love my body and everything about it! I am so grateful for it.”

How would that transform literally everything in your life?

Now imagine if you had a team of mentors and healers at your side encouraging, teaching and inspiring you to genuinely make this your reality! Supporting you through challenging times, showing you the way and sharing with you profound insights for truly nourishing yourself and your body.

That’s what the Nourishing Soul-utions Telesummit is all about! The love, joy and fulfillment we all seek is available if we but reach out and ask for it. So reach out and join me and the many others who have already said YES! to more deeply nourishing ourselves, our bodies, our food and relationships. You can learn more and register for Nourishing Soul-utions here.

With love,

Renee Wiggins,

My interview is July 8, 2015.
P.S. If there was one wish I had for you for 2015 is that you find practical Soul-utions that you can apply to express your radiance, love yourself and your body, and know your true worth. Don’t be the one who secretly feels like this is too far out of your reach, so you might as well just settle for less than you deserve.
It’s never too late to nourish yourself!

I’m excited to share my interview on July 8, 2015 with you on the Nourishing Soul-utions Telesummit. Check it out right here, right now!
There is always enough time!

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