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[Eating out] March is National Nutrition Month



Today world consist of the NOW generation.

Everybody wants their information NOW, quick.Not yesterday. We used to read the newspapers, magazines, but, now we get our information from the internet, TV, social media and instagram.

Everyone is in a hurry, and who has time to eat. Yes, the quiet sit-down time for our meals have been replace with instant coffee, instant breakfast etc.. We used to think ordering food by fax was fun, but, that has become extinct.

Yes, the fax machine has been replace with our cell phones. We can order food by our phones, no, I don’t mean just calling. we can order online from the internet.

What can we eat in this fast-pace: want it now world.
First, plan your meals. Planning will help you stick to your diet/lifestyle healthy plan.
2. McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants have the nutrient analysis of their foods on line. Yes, now you know how many calories, fat grams in your food before you eat it.
3. There are several diet/food calculators apps, that can help you choose healthy foods.
4. Some of these healthy food apps:, will let you scan the food item and let you know how many calories, fat and protein grams are in that paticular food.
5. When eating out, ask if they have a low-fat, low-calorie menu. ( most restaurants have a 500 or less menu) Hoorah!!!
6. Limit the amout of alcohol you drink.(Drink water instead)
7. Order one dessert and share it.
8. Split a high -fat entree.
9. Add more vegetables to your sandwiches.

And if you have to eat while on the run. Try taking low-fat granola bars, fruit, low-fat yogurt. peanut butter crackers and mix a snack bag of your favorite cereal, nuts, and seeds
This will help prevent you from overeating and help you to stay on track.
And don’t forget to take a water bottle with you .

March is National Nutrition Month- Have you started your healthy lifestyle plan. If not ,email me at

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