Do You Want to Become a Raw Food Teacher

Mock Chicken Salad with raw carrots, onions, chick peas and regular mayo. First What is Raw Foods? I was first introduce to raw foods by Jennifer Cornbleet. She was having a teleseminar on Eating Healthy and if it is your passion Do you want to teach or start a business with raw foods? When people […]

Making the Most Out of Your Scraps

Wow, congratulations, you have increase your consumption of fruits and vegetabales, however, there are a lot more scraps going into the garbage, Guess ,what you can turn those scraps into good soil . Read the latest informaton on developing a COMPOST PILE. click Here: COMPOST article from

Collard Greens

  Collard greens are “cabbage like leaves” . They are in the “Brassica “family  and are called cruciferious : fighting cancer .  Collard greens grow up to 3-4 feet in height and have dark green leaves. . Growing up , I remeber we had collards greens on Sundays, because they cooked longer than string beans and cabbage. […]

May is Salad Month

Spring and Summer Salads You Can Eat Now from @CuisineNoirMag Spinach and kale are two incredibly good vegetables containing calcium and Vitamin C. My suggestion is that you increase both in your diets if you have no health restrictions. Both bring great taste to a salad, so I’ve included partial recipes below for a kale […]

April is National Garden Month

This is the time of year to start your vegetable garden inside. First with seed, you will need to water them, and give them plenty of light. And the best time to take your plants outdoors is after Mother’s Day because there will be no frost and cold nights. Grow what you need, or freeze […]