New Year’s Resolutions-Bring Your Own Lunch

Hello Everyone

Just 5 more days before the New Year begins, and everyone will be making/writing their New Year’s Resolutions. We all know the common ones are:
1. Lose weight
2. Start an excerise program.
3. Eat more fruits and vegetables and eat more whole grains. etc.

I want people to think about taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle.
First start with breakfast and cut bad on fried foods, bacon, fried egg and hash browns. Instead add more fruit to your breakfast and whole grains cereals.

At lunch time, pack fruit, raw vegetables, salas,dips and low-fat dressings, 100% juices, water and. Another great way to eat healthy is to consume less calories.

Why? less calories = less weight gain.

And less weight gain is equals to consuming less calories by choosing the right lunch bags and dishes.
For example; bento lunch packs. These lunch packs are divided into small containers which help to promote healthy eating.

beneto lunchpack

closed bag.

inside cont
inside the bag:
2 -small containers,, one with a 2- divider inside. These containers can store your vegetables and snacks.
plus a water bottle inside too. . convenient too. easy to carry and store. It cost 17 to 20 dollars. To me this bag is worth it. The bag is well insulated which means the bag can keep your food cold and/or hot. -Great holiday gift.



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