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Waist-line Spreading????

spread-300x196Most Americans have gained 7 to 14 pounds during the holiday and the idea their waist-line has gained another two inches have sent most Americans running to the gym. Some have invested in a personal trainer and or a nutritionist to set them on the right tract. But, wait, is it the food? and/or lack of physical activity? or is it how the food is made that makes us gain weight.

Did you use butter or margarine?
And if you use margarine, was it the right one.? The Center for Science in the Public Interest states that spreadable margarines are not what they use to be. They tested several spreads to see if they live up to their promise.
They found some of the spreads contain partially hydrogenated oil- the source of man-made trans-fats.

Trans-fats can lead to heart disease. It is found mostly in margarines and baked goods.

A spread or product should contain less than 0.5 grams of trans fat to be considered “0 grams trans fat.
And it depends how much you put on your bread, pasta, rice or toast can add up.

Look for Best bies – they have no partially hydrogenated oil. Read the labels, and look for margarines made with olive oil. flaxseed oil. canol oil or fish oil.

And most of all stick with the serving size.

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