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There is A Purpose in Your Pain and Moving Forward



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Donna is known for her interactive style, upbeat delivery and her ability to connect with audiences on a deep level.

Her 2nd book, “You Lost Me @ Hello: Actionable Principals That Move You Beyond Networking” was mentioned in Essence Magazine (March 2014).Known for her razor sharp insights, Donna is a master at communicating proven strategies that have allowed clients and audiences to create entrepreneurial business models packed with profits and infused their life with more fun and freedom.As a facilitator, panelist and media personality, Donna’s broad range of knowledge infuses insights that encourages open and engaging participation



Deshauna J. Jones is your long awaited inspiration to break free. Her story is the road map you’ve searched for in order to find your way out of captivity. Her message is the fresh wind that sweeps away your insecurities and leaves liberation behind. Deshauna J. Jones is the permission you’ve been waiting for to BE YOU; the you that expresses God’s creativity; the you that makes no apologies for being fearfully and wonderfully made.

Breakthrough Strategist, Marketplace Ministry Catalyst, published author, speaker, mentor, CEO and founder of BE YOU Institute; Jones is an on the rise breath of fresh air. Her debut book, There is Purpose in Your Pain, teaches readers to appreciate the miracles amidst life’s messiness, and to climb from life’s pit into their palaces. No stranger to trials and suffering, for decades this dynamic speaker has been using her own past failures and present victories to light the way for the masses.

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