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The Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt and berries

Do you want to jumpstart your day with a bowl of whole wheat cereal and yogurt,especially homemade yogurt.

You seen the commericals about how good yogurt is for your body and how it is a good and (perfect) snack.

But, You still have to read the food label on the yogurt package.
Why? because yogurts are not all equal. Some have added sugars, or fruit syrup, Which means extra calories. Yes,

Let me explain if the manufactor adds sugar and other sweetners, yes, there are extra caloreis, however, the manufactor chooses to use smaller containers to let the consumer thinks he or she is getting less calories than an 8 ounce container of the same yogurt. Buyer beware.

Some yogurt have fat in them because they were made from whole milk. The creamier yogurts have extra sugar and fat. so read the labels.

To avoid those extra calories, you can make it yourself. I do
I boiled 1% milk to 165 degrees with the a pack of yogurt culture. Then let the milk cool and then pour into 7- 6 ounce glass jars and place then in a yogurt machine. Let them incubate for 18 hours. If you use whole milk or 2 % milk , they incubate at a shorter time because of the fat.

Low-fat or skimmed milk take longer to incubate anywhere from 16 to 18 hours.
And the end product is just as good as the store brand.

Incorporating yogurt into your diet has great benefits:1. Helps with diarrhea in children
2. Yeast infections with women
3. Contains the good bacteria for your gut.
4. A good source of calcium and protein. (unless you make from soy milk,which is lower in calcium and protein)
5. helps with inflammatory bowel disease.
6. a great snack: add your own favorite fruit or nuts.

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