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Shop Smart[National Nutrition Month]





How can we become a smart shopper?

Do you read the food labels? or do you look at the ingredient label?

You should be reading both, but, reading the food label is better.
1. First look at serving size
2. Then look at the calories per serving size.
3. Next look at the fat gram, carbohdyrates and fiber grams.

When reading the serving size, if the label states a serving is one cup and you eat the whole can (that could be two cups). Guess what, your are getting twice the calories, fat and other nutrieints. READ THE LABELS

Check out the fat , salt and fiber DV.. These initials means Daily Values which are the average levels of nutrients for a person eating 2,000 calories a day. Beware of how much you need  eat, Maybe you need less than 2,000 calories or you may need more.

Aimed for a Low DV, 5% -low in saturated, low in total fat, cholesterol and sodium.
If the Dv is 20% try to aim high in vitamin, minerals and fiber.

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