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Seeking God through Journaling- Presentor Rhonda Ferebee Hammond -Day 6




Rhonda Ferebee Hammond, CEO and Founder ofPositive w Purpose
PWP, is an empowerment firm that focuses on helping others to go aftertheir  dreams with various tools WEDoEVENTS,WEDoPromotions, and WEDoSocial Media. Rhonda and her team of Social Media Managers, create and facilitate Facebook Fanpages, twitter and more with support and automation.Rhonda does onsite social media to make sure your events are all the rave and has developed a mobile social media program where she helps clients through text and email support.

Our events, workshops and social media classes equip you and your business to accomplish goals and go after your Dreams. Our client bas ranges from serving a business of one to serving national networks with a needed at every level of communication. Positive With Purpose is your source for Social Media Promotions.

I met Rhonda facilitating a class on Visionary Boards.

Rhonda is one of the presentors and her title is : Seeking God by Dreaming Big Through God’s Vision


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