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Seeking God through Journaling-Presentor- Michelle A. Roberts -Day 5


Michelle A. Roberts from Altanta, Ga. is afighter and a winner after being married for 17 years She finally came to herself and realized that her drug addicted husband would not change; See she was raised with her father and always longed for that relationship so she stayed to LONG. She was so despressed she was no carrying 268 pounds on 5 foot frame. She though no one would want a fat girl with 3 babies. She finally took chargd of her life. She had a life altering surgery gastric by-pass and she lost over 110 pounds, Got a divorce,went backto school and completed a BSM and a MA. Yes,it was hard, she cried and she complained some -times. But she looked at her 3 children and a fight for dear life rose in her.


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