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S.O . Intentional (words of Wisdom from a Poet’s Point of View)

Dr. Sheronda Orridge, is the owner of Loving Spirit Lie Coach Academy LLC and a Holistic Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer. She is also a life coach for Better Futures Minnesota where she coaches men returning home from prison and a career development coach at Frogtown Neighborhood Association . Dr. Orridge is a writer, author , spoken word artist, certified TOP facilitator , certified doula, motivational speaker, curriculum developer, and community organizer.
Dr. Orridge is the recipient of the 2012- Leap Forward African American Award, the 2012- National Parent Leadeship Award, and the 2011- Community Honor Roll Award.
Dr. Orridge specializes in tapping into clients’ creativity to find and heal past traumas, She uses her talents and strengths as tools to organize communities around education, poverty , foreclosure and to promote Holistic Healing.


S.O. Intentional (Words of Wisdom from a Poet’s Point of View) is a spoken word poetry book that has advice in the beginning of each section which are called words of wisdom (W.O.W.). W.O.W. covers a variety of topics such as healing, reasons to write, ways to get over grief, and warning signs of domestic violence. Followed by thought provoking poetry that covers self-esteem, foreclosure, relationships, child molestation and a bonus session that has custom poems written for special occasions. This book also provides space for the reader to work on a life inventory, a life line, forgiveness letter, and affirmations.

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