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Going Green At Home

Hi Join me in ‘Going Green At Home’


Let’s begin with  Breafast by:

Adding  spinach, or  asparagus, or  chopped broccoli  or green onions to your scramble eggs or white-egg omelet.


Add romaine, boston and spinach to your salad. Why not add diced green pears with zucchini strips.

Try frozen green peas with chopped boston lettuce and low-fat mayonnaise.Eat cold.


Before Dinner have a split pea soup. mmm

At  Dinner, add variety to your meals: add brussels sprouts with mushrooms, .  Try green lima beans and green peas together.  Mix collard greens with mustard greens. Try a cold Kale sald.

Eat green squash mixed with onions.


Green pear with a slice of cheese,

Green apple

Kiwi fruit

Green melon

Go Green for National Nutrition Month



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