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Frozen Foods: Are they really good for us.

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Do you know that frozen foods were dated back 3000 BC . the ancient Chinese used to preserve the food in ice cellars. And the Romans woul store food in insulated containers compressed in the snow.
And hunters, would store meat/food in outhouse during the winter months to preserve foods.

But it was Clarence Birdseye who started the first program in freezing food. In 1923, he brought an electric fan , brine and ice and package the food in waxed cardboard boxes and frozen the food at very low temperatures.


His experiment lead to so many inovations.
1. Rapid freezing methods that reduced the damage that freezing water crystals caused.
2. He invented blanching food (boiled) the food for a few minuted before quick freezing.
3. Added cellophane to cover the packages, which allowed the consumer to see the quality of the product.
His inovations lead to refrigeration box cars for the rail system to transport the frozen foods, Then came refrigerators in stores and homes.
And in 1954 Swanson and sons invented the TV dinner.

Frozen foods were mostly comfort food, such as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, chicken, and meatloaf.

This  billion dollars industry, manufactures frozen breakfast foods, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts.
In additon these frozen foods have become healthy too.
So, today celebrate Frozen Food day with a low-fat, low-sodium meal. (look for entrees with 500 mg of sodium or less) .

Listen here for more information on frozen foods.

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