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headshot1-1lindawilliamsLinda F.Williams is Founder and CEO ofWhose Apple Empowerment Center,She knows, firsthand, how trauma can change the entire trajectory of someone’s life. In Whose Apple is it AnyWay? Empowering Purpose to Achieve Your God-Ordinaed Destiny. Williams tells a story of emotional and physical abuse, rape, divorce and a 17- year marriage to a man later convicted as a sexual predator. Each page of this inspiring book takes the reader on a profound voyage of laughter, and tears, heartbeak and triumph, as Williams escorts them along her own journey to wholeness and healing.

Williams  Book










Charmaine Betty-Singleton (CBS)

Charmaine E. Betty-Singleton, was born on Jan. 12 1968, in Kingston Jamaica.  An outgoing talkative and mischievous child, Charmanine often engage in debates with her parents and other members of the family. It was quite obvious to Granville and Norma (her parents) that Charmaine would be in the limelight either as a politiican or some other type of public figure.

Due to positive words of encouragement and a home filled with love, Charmaine knew from the start that she could be anything that she wanted to be and accomplish anything she wanted to do. Her home was always open to family, friends. It was from these experiences that Charmaine realized the power of positive thinking and how important it is to encourage and support  others no matter the circumstance.She is the author of Fear to Faith In Thirty Days.




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