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Don’t Look Back, Look Forward

Don't look back look forward

Born and raised in Atlanta Ga, Tinnie Garlington has always had a passion for teaching. At preschool age Tinnie would tell the class, “don’t listen to the teacher, listen to m. As she grew older”life’ happened and she became a mother at the age of 14. Even though she traveled from school to school , living with anyone who would take her in, she never gaave up on learning. Through those experiences she began to write in notebooks about how she was feeling and in some cases make up stores so that she could escape her reality. ….
Tinnie hopes is that her first book titled, ” Don’t Look Back, Forward,” will capture the attention of the those who are looking or a way forward and encourage them to never give up and allow the hard times to serve as a solid foundation for growth and a positive future.

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