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Do you know how restaurants control what you are eating?



The restauarnt business is a billion dollars or more industry. The owners have to know 1) how to get you to their restauarnt, 2) the colors of the restaurants will or will not make you stay and 3) what is on the menu? and lastly the price.

Not only it is the atmosphere, the colors. seating arrangement ,but,the menu has an influence on how much you are going to eat.

Manipulation by the MenuResearches found when the post the calories next to the meal, the consumer were more likey to choose a low-calorie food, however, when they group the food according to calories, for example “under 500 calories, they found the consumer spending more time looking at the menu resulting in an decrease in choosing low-calorie meals.

For me personally, I perfer the grouping. I choose more from the low-calorie grouping than have to serach for a low-calore item.

The main point, is there are more restauarnts adding a low-calorie menu section, therefore as a consumer you now have more healthy choices.
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