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Upcoming Shows
November 19, 2013- Stuff The Turkey and Not Yourself-Learn how to avoid the holiday weight Gain

December 3rd, 2013 The Mindset- What you say about yourself can determine your present
situation. Do a SCAN test of your thougts. Learn to think positive thoughts.

December 10th,2013- Stress to the Max- Are you feeling overwhelmed? caught between taking care of your parents and children. Do you feel you can explode? Learn 5- easy steps to reduce the stress in your life.

December 17thth- You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it too- Are you avoiding the office parties, and after dinner events because you are afraid to eat dessert. I have the tricks to: “You Can Still Have Dessert and Eat it too.”

December 24th th- Is Eight Hour of Sleep Enough-If you sleep less than 6 hours: Do you know you can gain weightand/or-develop high blood pressure?.Do you know if you sleep more than eight hours, can be harmful too. Listen in how to relax.

December 31st th- You Need Spiritual Rest too?- No, I don’t mean stop going to your place of Worship, but you need to rejuvenate your self. Getting ready for the New Year.