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Aretha Cleveland- Battles in Your Mind

aretha cle. pictureCleveland has journeyed through As Aretha life, God provided her with the necessary principles to live her own life to the fullest. The transition to inspiring others has meant dealing with personal tragedies, but also embracing personal triumphs by using God’s inspired principles. As a life coach for over 10 years, Aretha teaches those principles in her inspirational seminars so others can unleash their hidden potential and live the lives they were born to live and win the battle that’s in their mind.

Not only does Aretha teach these principles, she demonstrates them daily in her own life. People would state to Aretha that they needed to pray more. She created a 5:30am and 6:30am prayer call to give them an opportunity to start their day with the power of prayer. Aretha host a daily Gracenurture program for Graceview Church of Christ, Monday-Friday at 7:00am along with a faith teleconference every Tuesday night. Feeding the homeless has a different meaning for Aretha. She feels you should feed them mentally and spiritually as well. When going out to feed the homeless Aretha don’t just stand on the sideline handing out food bags she is walking through the crowd of homeless people talking, laughing, teaching and touching hearts.

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