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An interview with Lucinda Curran

Renee Wiggins Interviews Lucinda Curran, author and Change Your Life Radio Host.



Lucinda Curran



Lucinda Curran has always been a student of life and has enjoyed exploring, being challenged and inspired by all that life offers. She embraces learning on every level, having completed her MA, Bachelor of Health Science, Diploma of Teaching and more.

Her greatest passion is health: health of people, animals and the planet. Thus she is a Chinese medicine practitioner and Building Biologist with a special interest in environmental sensitivities. She combines these modalities to provide truly holistic healthcare and is passionate about making the world a safer place for all who dwell here.

She the author of Change Your Life: 50 Daily Meditation-Affirmations That Anyone Can Do and Conversations About The Self: Exploring Ideas From Change Your Life Radio.

Lucinda is also the producer and host of the weekly Change Your Life Radio show.
Both books are available on Amazon (both Kindle and paperback). Visit
1. How did the title of your book come about?
Some authors start with a title, others with a concept. My process was a little different. Having spent years forming the concept of the book, it was written and then named, Change Your Life: 50 Daily Meditation-Affirmations That Anyone Can Do.
I wanted the title to clearly reflect what the book is all about – to allow readers to understand the point of my book by reading the title alone. I also wanted to excite readers with the possibilities of creating change in their lives, as I know this is something that many people struggle with. I wanted them, first and foremost to realise that they were capable of creating change, and this book provides the key to the lock.
Within the book are fifty meditation-affirmations, one for each day. They form a part of the Meditation Routine that I teach in the book, and the fifty days allows the reader to form new habits that include self-care.

both bookslucinda

Change Your Life was written to embrace spirituality, without being aligned to any particular belief system. I encourage readers to use words interchangeably to ensure that the work they are doing is meaningful and relevant for them. This is the first way that “anyone can do” applies. The second way is that the Routine is simple, and therefore anyone can master it.

2. What specific situation or revelation prompted you to write your book?
For me, this book was born out of a process over many years. I had struggled to find a way to meditate, particularly one that was sustainable.
So the Meditation Routine developed over time.
The Meditation-Affirmations came from Inspiration. I had worked with these ideas for some time, but the wording came in a moment for each of them. For me, when Inspiration comes what is produced is just right. Each set of Meditation-Affirmations came together in sequence.
The reason that all of this became a book was because I found that this work that I was doing in my personal life was useful to my clients.
In my clinic, I work with people who have chronic health conditions stemming from environmental sensitivities. Having environmental sensitivities necessitates quite an isolated life, because exposure to really tiny amounts of their triggers can set them up to be in a situation where they are fighting for their lives. Triggers can range from perfumes to fabric softeners to plasticisers to mobile phones – normal every day things that these people are severely sensitive to. You can read more about it here ( As you can imagine, this can be devastating and incredibly depressing.
So, I found that I was sharing more of these techniques and ideas with my clients, and seeing that it had profound benefits for them as well.
Having seen the evidence in my own clinic, I felt the need to share these with a broader community – and as a booklover, writing a book was the obvious choice.

3. Who do you want to reach with your book and the messages within?
I want to reach anyone who is ready to create change. They may be stuck on how to do it, they may have been working on it for a while, or they may have decided to take action, but are looking for ways to move forward.
If there is someone yearning for change, dreaming of their ideal life, or wanting to lift their spirits, then I feel that Change Your Life is for them.

4. What are some issues, needs or problems addressed in your book?
Many people use a variety of techniques that they hear about in order to create change in their lives. However, many do not realize that often there is something deeper that is preventing the changes from sticking, stopping things from manifesting or just not allowing change to occur.
Change Your Life assists readers to identify their own blocks, thought patterns or limiting beliefs that are preventing them from living the life of their dreams.
Through the Meditation Routine, readers are encouraged to notice what comes up for them, to reflect on it and take action. Action steps have been provided, too. However, there is also the option to write your own Action Step.
I have organized the book to lead readers through different aspects of their lives, and ultimately to take responsibility for creating the life of their dreams.
I have worded it in such a way that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of faith or spiritual beliefs.
I have had a lot of feedback from readers about how uplifting it is. They have felt inspired, empowered and motivated. I am over the moon to hear this!
Everyone deserves to be happy, experience abundance and come from the place of love in all that they do. I wish this for everyone – and hope my book helps those who are ready for change move towards the life they truly deserve.

5. Was it hard writing your book?
No, it wasn’t hard at all. I love writing, and as I mentioned, Inspiration was strong for this book. It was a joy to write. I found the process of writing it incredibly powerful, as it helped me on many levels, too.

6. Do your life events play a part in writing this book?
Absolutely. Not only did the Meditation Routine grow out of my own experimentation, but I too have had dark corners during my years of life – and I think that a lot of the seeds for this book may have been planted then!
Having faith that things work out for the best, trusting that nothing is dealt to you that you cannot handle and knowing that you can tap into something much bigger than yourself are fundamental to making positive changes in your life.
When I became really sick with my allergies and sensitivities, the world really did look bleak. I found that focusing on my lack of health made the joy fade. This was a fantastic reminder of how important perspective is.
I also found that being so unwell made me wonder why… And the answer I kept getting was that my suffering was to help others. It gave me first-hand experience of what life can be like if you let your light dwindle. It flamed my desire to make the world a better place – which required me to get well fast.

7. When I read your book, I couldn’t help noticing that you left spaces blank for the reader to reflect or take notes. Did you do this intentionally?
Great question, Renee, I’m glad that you have asked it. A few people have been confounded by it, so it is a good chance to clear things up.
Yes, it was intentional to leave blank spaces because this is a workbook.
Part of the Meditation Routine asks you to draw or write what came up for you. I didn’t want to shape my reader’s experience by cluttering it with images – I have allowed space for them to express themselves.
I encourage my readers to write and draw – use colours, images and words to express themselves. I want my readers to record their blocks, insights, worries, thoughts, images, messages, troubles, hurdles and inspirations in these spaces.
This step allows them to reflect and ask the question, “What next?” It is all a part of the process for developing a greater insight into themselves and assisting them to create change in their lives.
An added bonus of recording them within the book is that they are able to flick through it and see their progress, identify what still needs work, and even to use their images as reminders. It is like creating your own personalized inspirational book – just for you.

8. Are you going to write or prepare a telesummit or e-course based on your book?
I have created a few related items.
The first is a Relaxation audio track, which can be used daily on its own, or in conjunction with the book. I have it on my website as a free gift. People can head over to and they will see how to access it over on the right.
The second is the Starting Out Program. This is a 21-day audio program based upon Change Your Life. As a special gift to my readers, they get free access to it. I decided to do this so that they feel really supported in making change, and as you know, getting started and picking up momentum can be tricky at the start.
I am in the process of developing some other courses and coaching programs, which will be available soon.
And, of course, there is “Change Your Life Radio” my weekly radio show that grew out of the book. Each month I have a focus and invite guests to come and share their insights, expertise and wisdom. I am hoping you will be joining me, Renee, when we focus on fitness.

9. Are there any other projects in the future?
Yes – there are always so many ideas!
From my radio show, I am writing a series of books. The first one is Conversations About The Self: Exploring Ideas From Change Your Life Radio. It is out now!
In this book I explore ideas that I had from the conversations with my guests on the topic of “The Self.” I have crammed lots of ideas, resources and links to audio into the book.
My ultimate goal is to make the world a safer place for all who dwell here – and part of that is to provide as much information, as many perspectives and as many connections as I can.
Change Your Life – the book, the radio show, the programs and so on – are all about moving you towards greater happiness, health and abundance.
Renee, I want to thank you so much for interviewing me. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to share my messages with your community.
For those who would like to connect with me, check out as there are a few ways to keep in touch – as well as a free gift.
Thank you again for hosting me on my virtual book tour. It has been a real honor.

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