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A Prayer for the Month of May

Teenage girl praying outdoors at twilight. Shallow DOF.A Prayer for the Month of May

Dear Heavenly Father, we bless and praise Your holy name. We thank You for Your goodness, Your provision, Your mercy and Your grace. Without Your loving kindness, we would not be here and we would not be well.

Father, we thank You for seeing us in ways that we cannot see ourselves and loving us no matter what You see. We bless You for leading us to see ourselves as You see us. We are the apple of Your eye, blameless, joint heirs with Jesus and Your loved children.

During this month of May, we ask that You speak to our hearts, minds, and spirits about our worth and value in You. Whisper Your love to us in our ears as we sleep and during the hardest parts of our days. We ask that You show us affection with a knowing that it is Your affection. Lead us to show godly affection to the household of faith and to those who need to be won to You. Envelope us in love in our waking and sleeping hours.

Father, we ask that You prosper and bless the works of our hands to bring You glory. We pray that none of us know lack and know how to receive the goodness You send our ways this month and always.

We Thank you, praise You and bless You in the matchless name of Jesus our Lord . Amen.

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