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Super Market Smart


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The grocery stores have become giant food stores. Not only, do they offer foods from A to Z , they offer foods from around the world. In some stores they pharmacies, bakeries, and clothes. All in on store, however, the consumer is still confuse on what to purchase.

Some organizations have offer a registered dietitian to help their employees read the food label and learn how to get bargins.

Becoming a Super Marke Smart yippe, you have to keep up with the new food items and how they are made and process as well as what the food item has to offer. It takes practice.


What to look for

Check the “sell by” date: this will help you to decide if the product is fresh.

Calcium propionate is an additive  use to keep bread product fresh.

Whole wheat flour  has more fiber than white flour. And whole wheat flour should be kept refrigerated because it contains fat.

White  flour has the bran and wheat germ removed and is enriched with thiamin, (B1) ribloflving(B2). nician, (B3) and iron and folacin.

Pumpernickel bread is made from white and rye flour and colored with caramel. has no  nutritional value, Wow, I love pumpernickel bread, well, back to the rye.

Seeds such as caraway, sesame, or poppy seeds add fiber to breads.

The next time you shop looked beyond the label.

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