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Salad Dressing on The Side







How do you dress your salad?





There are so many varieties of salad dressings from regular to low-fat or non-fat. Yet, the American people still  choose high-fat salad dressing and spour the salad dressing on their salad which becomes a  dressing with salad and not a salad with dressing on it.

The Serving Size for salad dressing is 2 Tablespoons for diet and 1- tablespoon for regular. Did you know that Wishbone  Bone Creamy Caesar, Kent’s Steak House Buttermik Ranch, and Marie’s Creamy Italian Garlic have 180 calories per two tablespoons.? That is a lot of calories, especially when  a small bake potato equals to 80 to 100 calories.

The goal is to look for 100 to 120 calories in two tablespoons.

To help reduce the amount, when eating out, order the salad dressing on the side. Order a vinaigrette and at  make your own. Try squeezing lemon on your salad. Add fruits or dried fruit for flavor and texture.  Add beans or low-fat meats to give your salad volume.

The next time you order salad,ask how many caloreis are in the dressings.



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