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March is National Nutrition Month

During the month of March, National Nutrition Month, 70,000 plus nutritionist and dietitians celebrate by providing information on nutrition and fitness. Our theme is ” Eat Right,Your Way Every Day.”

I want you to take this message with you in your meal planning, when you celebrate with family and friends and when you to grocery shopping. Be mindful of what you buy, prepare and eat.

Eat in Moderation: Try Smaller portions and exerise MORE.

Today’s quiz:
1. 1/2cup of dried, 1 cup 100% juice, 1 medium fruit and 1 cup of fruit are all equal to one cup of ______.

2. Fruits and vegetables, when eatn in adequate amount as part of a healthy diet,help lower the risk for many chronic___________________.

3. Most people need to ______________ 2-1/2 cup to 3 cup of vegetables each day.

4. Whole__________ is better than juice because it contains fiber.

Bonus question: Sarah is making salad . she puts 2 cups of leafy greens on her plate. Then she adds 1 cup of assorted chopped vegetables . How many cups of vegetables is Sarah eating with this salad________________?

1. fruit
2. diseases
3. eat
4. fruit
Bonus question: 2 cups . 2 cups of leafy green equal to one cup.

Quiz is from the foodandhealth.communications

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