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Chilling and Grilling on the Fourth of July

ergrillingWe all can agree summer is fun, with family renuions and barbe-ques. On a hot summer day grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken taste better than baking indoors. I believe it is the smells.laughter and the fun of eating outdoors in the heat or at night-time.

However, one should use caution when eating outdoors. Food can spoil faster and the risk for cross-contamination increases. Here are a few tips to be aware of:

1. clean and cook your meat thoroughly.
2. Check the temperature to make sure the meat rises to 165 degrees.
3. Boil the meat before placing on the grill.Boiling will help cook the meat.
4. Clean the grill with soap and water.
5.Then oil the grill to prevent meat from burning quickly and from sticking on the grill.
6. Add aluminum foil to the grill to prevent meat drippings returning to the raw meat
7. Then store the meat properly and do not leave outside for more than 2 hours.

Have a Happy Freedom-Day.

And most of all pray for our soliders away from home.

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