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Tearing Down Your Temple with Unforgiveness- Learn how to women forgave their Past

Listen to Interview:RADIO



Listen to the Interview: RADIO


We all at some point or another have dealt with offense. The most difficult part of getting over an offense can actually be forgiving our offender. Forgiveness is necessary to function in any relationship. Whether it is in marriage, with our children, in our friendships, on the job, offense can affect every area of our lives. This book not only tells the author’s testimony of overcoming the offense of sexual abuse, rape, and physical abuse, but it gives practical steps and applicable examples to help one overcome offense through forgiveness. There is hope after an offense. This book provides a powerful testimony which draws the reader in and allows the author to lead the reader down the path of forgiveness and overcoming offense. #TheAudacityToForgive


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Carla L. Garrett is the author of Bouncing Back After Dropping the Ball: 18 Lessons on the Journey to Forgiveness—a novel filled with salacious acts of betrayal and a woman’s journey to overcome the resulting heartbreak. Carla is also the author of the critically acclaimed novel A Little Child Shall Lead Them—a contemporary story designed to awaken one’s spiritual giant.
In addition to creating novels, Carla serves as an Administrative Law Judge for the State of California, where she presides over a variety of legal matters. Prior, as Deputy Trial Counsel for the State Bar of California, she spent more than a decade prosecuting attorneys for professional misconduct. Carla earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA and her juris doctorate from USC School of Law.



Listen to the interview:RADIO 

Carla is the mother of three and lives in the County of Los Angeles. She serves as a speaker at conferences, workshops, and seminars designed to empower and inspire others to achieve their personal goals. In addition, she collaborates with others to empower women, build strong foundations for children, and spread the word about the liberating properties of forgiveness

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