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National Nutrition Month-Jump Start Your Day with Breakfast

http://qualityfirstcontractor.com/estimate/ Start your day off right with a good meal-breakfast. Breakfast will give you power Why eat breakfast, I rather sleep longer.!!! Breakfast provides us with energy to get through the day. Promote mental alertness Quick and easy recipes to Jump Start Your Day. 1. Intsant oatmeal with fruit. 2. Low-fat yogurt with a piece of […]

Salad Dressing on The Side

http://douglasat201.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://douglasat201.org/21st-century-learning/           How do you dress your salad?         There are so many varieties of salad dressings from regular to low-fat or non-fat. Yet, the American people still  choose high-fat salad dressing and spour the salad dressing on their salad which becomes a  dressing with salad and not a salad […]