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Grandma called it Roughage,Today it is Fiber

I grew hearing the word roughage.  Now they called it fiber. I was told it would help you go to the bathroom. Why, I don’t know, but we do know, fiber can reduce your risk of cancer, maintain your body weight and help you to eat less.

In addition, fiber, let concentrate on Whole grains offer more, they also offer minerals and vitamins plus antio-oxidants to help maintian your health.

Whole grains also, lower your high blood glucose levels and high blood cholesterol levels which can lead to reducing the risk of heart disease.

With all these benefits, Why aren’t more Americans eating whole grains, cereals and whole grain pasta.

The reasons, cook too long and you have to chew longer. But, that is the benefit, the longer you chew, you will fill up faster and therefore eat less.






What is A Whole Grain?


All grains are whole gains. After the processing if the manufacture keeps the parts, you will get the grains oherwise,, the manufacture can throw it away or process it more to become more white starch.


After processing, you have the starchy endosperm, the fiber-rich ban and the germ.

How much do we need?


Daily Recommended Grain Servings for Inactive Americans

Femlae , ages 19- 30 will need 6 grains per day

Males 19-30 will meed  8  grains per day


Females 31- 50 will need 6 grains per day

Males 31-50 will need 7 grans per day

51 + Females will need 5 grains grains

51+ Males will need 6 grains per day

Are you getting your grains?



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